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  • June 5, 2017
    Authentic Learning Through Projects
    by Tosha Comendant, Ph.D. (0 Comments)
    This is the third year CBI has had the privilege of working with teachers and students at Redwood Middle School (Napa, CA) to support project-based learning.  Organizations such as NapaLearns and New Tech Network have blazed the trail for helping students learn through contextual and authentic experiences.  Students work together on meaningful projects that require creativity and communication and require them ...
  • April 22, 2016
    The Sprinkler System Is On!
    by Tosha Comendant, Ph.D. (0 Comments)
    Last week, I re-entered (see related blog) another dimension - sixth grade! I spent my morning with Katherine Van Treese’s Social Studies classes at Redwood Middle School.  Each student presented a component of their group’s water-focused infographic project (created with Piktochart)  and conducted an interactive audience engagement exercise (using Kahoot).  Each student described a component of the team’s project - the topics ...
  • December 18, 2014
    Tis the season to learn about water
    by Tosha Comendant, Ph.D. (0 Comments)
    Even though is has been quite a few years since I stepped foot on a middle school campus, I have to admit, a shudder ran up my spine (memories of my own adolescent awkwardness) while waiting outside the classroom door.  I was there to meet with Katherine Van Treese and her sixth grade Social Studies students at Redwood Middle School ...
  • March 18, 2013
    Grounded, But Still Standing Tall
    by Tosha Comendant, Ph.D. (0 Comments)
    Grounded, But Still Standing Tall This past week, Kai Henifin and I held a workshop about the Data Basin Protected Areas Center at the George Wright Society conference in Denver, Colorado.  This bi-annual meeting attracts an interdisciplinary group of historians, biologists, managers, researchers, tribes, funders, and advocates.  Participants come together for camaraderie and collective learning about the world’s protected areas ...
  • November 8, 2012
    Conservation Science Webinars
    by Tosha Comendant, Ph.D. (0 Comments)
    Hardly a week goes by without seeing another invitation to an online conservation science webinar in my inbox (e.g., NOAA Science Seminars,  Climate Adaptation Mitigation e-learning; National Fish and Wildlife Center Climate Change Science and Management Webinar series,  Conservation Training,  etc.).  It used to be that attending conferences or workshops was the most common way ...
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