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  • December 14, 2015
    An Endangered Wildflower and Local Food Production – Is There a Link?
    by Jessie Vinje, B.S. (0 Comments)
    CBI biologist Jessie Vinje and partners just completed a 3-year experimental study on the Rancho Jamul Ecological Reserve (RJER) in San Diego County, CA. The study assessed various nonnative grass and forb control techniques, including prescribed fire, to restore a historically occupied Otay tarplant population and associated native grasslands and forblands (wildflower fields) that were once more common in San ...
  • November 15, 2015
    A Conversation with Tim Sheehan
    by Ann Van Zee, M.S. (0 Comments)
    In the fifth in a series of conversations between staff at the Conservation Biology Institute, Tim Sheehan, Ecological Modeler at CBI, shares with Ann Van Zee, Communications Specialist, about changing careers more than anyone he knows, a vision of a different kind of retirement, and the power of the everyday hero. Describe your job in 5 words. Computer modeling of ...
  • October 14, 2015
    The Good News Effect
    by Dani Harvey (0 Comments)
    This is the start of a new series within the CBI Blog that highlights positive events around the world and discusses their significance in relation to global sustainability. In this series I hope to write pleasant and informative posts that are designed to offer perspective, refresh awareness, and leave you in a more positive place. Today I want to discuss ...
  • June 26, 2015
    A Conversation with Jessie Vinje
    by Katie O'Connor, M.S. (0 Comments)
    In the fourth in a series of conversations between staff at Conservation Biology Institute, Jessie Vinje, Biologist at CBI, shares with Katie O'Connor, Freshwater Specialist, about the hunt for rare endemic plants, real conservation heroes, and helping children. Describe your job in 5 words "Fun, challenging, stimulating, satisfying, and the last is technically two words: "soul nurturing".   Those ...
  • June 10, 2015
    A Conversation with Gwynne Nell Corrigan
    by Kai Foster, M.A. (0 Comments)
    In the third in a series of conversations between staff at the Conservation Biology Institute, Gwynne Nell Corrigan, Communications Guru, at CBI, shares with Kai Foster, GIS Specialist, about backup singer dreams, a Burmese python named “Katy”, and the brilliant challenge that rocked her world. Can you describe your job in 5 words I have to do six because I’m ...
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