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Accelerating conservation impact
May 22, 2019 -- Using biodiversity early warning systems for evidence-based policy, planning and management


Phoebe Barnard, Ph.D.
Chief Science and Policy Officer

CBI's Phoebe Barnard, Tim Sheehan, and John Gallo recently gave an introductory webinar on biodiversity early warning systems, which are coalition-led, user-driven systems for rapid and robust evidence-based decision-making about species and ecosystems. We explore using early warning systems in order to collaborate better, and to use more integrated and more accurate, timely evidence to change the game for biodiversity conservation. The next decade ahead to 2030 will be pivotal for adapting to (and mitigating) climate change. We are researchers, strategists, modelers, ecological scientists, decisionmakers, science/policy practitioners, citizen scientists, filmmakers and communications people, among others. We feel strongly that the world doesn't have to be this way - we can change it. Help us use evidence, collaboration, and the power of citizen science to adapt this early-warning approach to helping guide conservation action in other parts of the world! 

We are currently in the fundraising phase. So, while we have seed money, we will need further funding to expand beyond this initial pilot project.

If you are an interested biodiversity professional, please consider joining our community of practice and learn more about the project, or join our Facebook and Data Basin groups.


Early warning system for ecosystems
CBI is developing biodiversity early warning systems at different spatial scales as a collaboration between agencies, universities, nonprofits, tribal authorities and citizen science groups.

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