California Climate Console User Stories
June 4, 2018 -- At CBI, we aim to help natural resource managers understand climate change and incorporate the information into their everyday thinking.


Deanne DiPietro, M.A.
Senior Science Coordinator
707- 477-6516

Many online conservation decision support tools have “how to” sections that provide step-by-step instructions to guide a user through the tool’s navigation. But how many of these tools explain why someone might want to use it, and show how the tool supports everyday decision-making?

At CBI, we aim to help natural resource managers understand climate change and incorporate the information into their everyday thinking. We specialize in designing online tools that are easy to use, such as the California Climate Console, a web-based mapping application where users can explore climate change information for any location in California. To help show how this important information can help in real-life, CBI’s Senior Science Coordinator Deanne DiPietro created colorfully illustrated "user stories".

In these stories, people with three different perspectives are shown exploring the data presented in the California Climate Console, answering conservation related questions to inform their work.

The California State Park Volunteer wants to know about the potential futures of four state parks: Humboldt Redwoods State Park, Anza Borrego Desert State Park, Emerald Bay State Park, and Tule Elk State Natural Reserve. She asks, “What will a changing climate mean for the natural communities that inhabit these parks?”

The Forest Manager investigates questions to inform his stewardship plan for a Sierra Nevada National Forest, including: “How are conditions expected to change in my forest and across the Sierra Nevada?” and “How resilient is the forest to the impacts of climate change?”

In the Renewable Energy Planner story, a planner investigates locations identified for project development, asking questions such as, “What are the major patterns of climate change expected in my planned project area?” and “Which locations should receive mitigation resources?

The California Climate Console includes climate data, sensitivity and resilience information, and information about ecosystem services including vegetation composition, carbon, fire and water data. We hope you enjoy this intuitive online tool, brought to life by our stories!


California Statewide Energy Planning
CBI is providing science and technical support to assist the California Energy Commission (CEC) in planning the state’s future energy needs, which includes achieving aggressive renewable energy goals with minimal damage to natural systems.

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