CBI to assist National LCCs
September 25, 2013 -- CBI proposal funded by Department of Interior to assist National LCC’s to develop Conservation Planning Atlases (CPAs) to facilitate landscape conservation design


Tosha Comendant, Ph.D.
Senior Conservation Scientist, Team Lead- Planning & Management

 Conservation Biology Institute has been selected by the Department of the Interior to assist in the strategic development and expansion of scientific information, analysis and support tools to benefit the National Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) network and facilitate landscape conservation design.  CBI was one of four organizations chosen from 46 qualifying proposals.  Over the next year, CBI will partner with 13 LCCs to develop an expanded set of interoperable Conservation Planning Atlases (CPAs) and investigate ways to integrate these CPAs into existing visualization or data management systems to support data driven landscape conservation design.

Eight interoperable and expanded CPAs, powered by Data Basin, will encourage communication, evaluation and conservation decisions to be based from common datasets and tools as well as enhance the ability to integrate data driven analysis for planning between the LCCs. Increasing the efficiency and accessibility of the data will enable LCC stakeholders, from technical GIS experts to managers to policy makers, to better participate in and more clearly understand the information related to resource management decisions.

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LCC Conservation Planning Atlases
Practical, science-based mapping and analysis tools needed to support the LCC mission

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