Congratulations to Dr. Tim Sheehan!
June 25, 2019 -- Following years of hard work, Tim gets his doctorate degree!


Tim Sheehan, Ph.D.
Ecological Modeler, Team Lead- Decision Support & GIS

Huge congratulations to CBI’s Tim Sheehan for recently completing his PhD at Oregon State University! Tim is no stranger to higher education and, in fact, holds a Bachelor’s of Science, and three Masters in Biology, Computer Science, and Geology. All of CBI’s staff are proficient in their areas of expertise, but Tim is definitely the most overeducated staff member here at CBI, and we couldn’t be more proud of such a tremendous accomplishment!

Tim’s dissertation (titled “A Climate of Risk: Modeled Vegetation, Carbon, Fire, and Biomass Loss Risk in Western Oregon and Washington under Climate Change”) applies directly to the Pacific Northwest, which hosts biodiverse ecosystems and sequesters large amounts of carbon. Through his research and ecological modeling proficiency, Tim was able to project the effects of climate on vegetation, fire, and carbon, and then use those results to project risks in the region. These results will be available to land managers and other researchers to use in planning for the future. Tim intends to continue this type of work, with the aim of working directly with land managers and other stakeholders in the Pacific Northwest and other regions. Great work, Tim!

Photo credit: Dominique Bachelet

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