Exciting new bat monitoring tool!
August 12, 2019 -- Explore bat locations, seasonal trends, and learn about bats from all over North America


Brendan Ward, M.S.
Software Engineer, Conservation Biologist, GIS Analyst, Team Lead- Software & Tools

CBI recently worked with USDA Forest Service to create an exciting new visualization tool for exploring bat monitoring data across North America: the Bat Acoustic Monitoring Visualization Tool (https://visualize.batamp.databasin.org/). To date, this tool allows users to visualize over 6 million bat detections from more than 34 species.  We expect that existence of this new and powerful tool for visualizing results will inspire even greater rates of data contributions from a wide variety of users from citizen scientists to graduate students to industry group.

This project builds on several years of collaboration between CBI and the Forest Service to create and expand the Bat Acoustic Monitoring Portal (https://batamp.databasin.org/) powered by Data Basin (https://databasin.org/).

You can use this tool to explore locations where particular species have been detected or not, explore seasonal trends, and find out more information about which bats have been detected at a specific location.  While targeting members of the bat monitoring community, this visualization tool was constructed to be easy to use and intuitive for a wide range of interested users.


Clearinghouse for migratory bat data
New ways to visualize bat detection data

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