Photo Credit: Indranil Mondal
Linkage Mapper Partnership with WII
September 28, 2020 -- Linkage Mapper Development Partnership with the Wildlife Institute of India 


John Gallo, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist

We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Wildlife Institute of India (WII) in the Linkage Mapper endeavor. WII  is an internationally acclaimed Institution, which offers training programs, academic courses and advisory in wildlife research, management and policy. The Team from WII consists of Indranil Mondal, a key member of the Linkage Mapper community and team, his supervisor Bilal Habib, and their newly hired programmer, Venkanna Babu Guthala. Venkanna has been hired by WII specifically for the development of Linkage Mapper and is one of the most important contributions on WII’s part in this joint endeavour. Additionally, this collaboration brings in many years of combined experience between Indranil and Bilal in working with  connectivity analysis, carnivore ecology, varied ecosystems and wildlife telemetry . 

To make the most of this exciting partnership, we need two things from you. First, please fill out the survey about how Linkage Mapper could be improved to support your goals. This will be used to guide us in setting our priorities for Linkage Mapper development over the next year. Second, please donate what you can to fund Linkage Mapper development. These donations will be used by the Linkage Mapper core team to support our partnership with WII. In particular it will allow development lead Darren Kavanagh of Torilis, Inc. to dedicate more time to the project. Darren is currently working pro bono, thus the more time he can put in the more our relationship with WII can thrive. Your donation will go a long way. Regardless, please fill out the survey. Thank you for your interest.

Welcome WII and welcome Venkanna!


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