Sagebrush Decision Support in PNW
November 22, 2017 -- The Great Basin LCC, Conservation Biology Institute, Oregon State University and EcoAdapt presented a collaborative workshop on decision support tools for land managers in the Pacific Northwest.


Kai Foster, M.A.
Project Manager, GIS Analyst

CBI, in collaboration with the Great Basin LCC, Oregon State University and EcoAdapt, hosted a workshop in Bend, Oregon on November 7 to present a series of decision support tools for land managers in the PNW. The Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative funded the workshop, which consisted of 25 in person participants and 27 remote participants.

During the workshops, participants learned how to use web tools and explored how these tools can help inform protection and restoration priorities as well as site management decisions. Participants also had a chance to provide feedback to developers and scientists in order to improve web applications to better meet on the ground decision-making needs. While some web tool presentations focused on sage-steppe in Oregon, most applications were developed for a larger portion of the Pacific Northwest or Great Basin.

A key finding from the workshop is that there are many datasets and tools for sage-steppe habitat and a mechanism or process needs to exist for these tools to be used in collaboration. This collaboration would increase data access and give resource managers the flexibility they need to make decisions. 

CBI staff in attendance included Taylor Mutch, Mike Gough, Tim Sheehan, Dr. Barry Baker and Kai Henifin. Former CBI staff member Dr. Dominique Bachelet also attended.

Recordings of the workshop presentations are available and can be found here:

Sage-Grouse Conservation Partnership (SageCon) Decisions-Support Tools:

Landscape Simulator:

Sagebrush Biome, Department of Interior (DOI) Tools:

Land Treatment Tool:

Conserving Nature's Stage (CNS), Terrestrial climate resilience:

Nature's Stage Climate Mapper, Mapping exposure and resilience to climate change across PNW landscape:




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