Kaveh Karimi, M.S.

Former Software Engineer

Contact Information

Kaveh grew up and lived most of his life in Tehran, Iran, where he got his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. After working in automation and software development for power distribution systems, he moved to Sweden to pursue further education. There, he completed master’s degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering, as well as significant coursework in Sustainable Development.

After moving to the US in 2013, Kaveh developed software to help small scale farmers and food producers manage farm operations and local business relationships.

Kaveh loves solving puzzles and riddles, and he enjoys programming because it has many of the same characteristics. He enjoys traveling, hiking, photography, and adventurous cooking. He loves gardening and hates lawns. At home, he and his wife try to model sustainable alternatives to household infrastructure, from their composting toilet and rocket stove to small-scale biogas projects.