Dani Harvey

Senior Software Engineer

Daniel Harvey joined CBI in November 2013. He specializes in application and database design and development, with experience spanning Microsoft and Unix-based platforms and a broad range of client- and server-side technologies. Since earning a Master’s Degree in Computer Science in 2006 with an emphasis in GIS, he has worked in many capacities including: software architecture, design, development, QA, and support. But as part of the CBI team he found what he sought since graduation: a career in employing technology to bring humanity into harmony with the ecosystems that together are the pulse of this planet.

Daniel grew up on the East Coast near a wildlife preserve. He spent much of his childhood exploring and communing with nature. Although he has worked in many fields including language, hydraulics and piano tuning, Daniel retains a passion for using science to understand complex and beautiful systems as they occur naturally without losing view of the ways in which they challenge our systems of thought. He has studied Music Theory, Change as described by the I-Ching, and pursues an ever deepening knowledge of Geology and Climatology.

Daniel currently lives in Corvallis, Oregon with his wife Saralyn and three children.  He avidly studies ancient cultural literature including Celtic, East Asian, Middle Eastern, and Eastern and American Indian. He also enjoys music theory, piano tuning, running, and has recently taken on the task of learning Irish.


USFS Region 8 Gateways
CBI is supporting the U.S. Forest Service, Region 8 with its efforts toward demonstrating shared stewardship across the region.
CEQA Site Check Tool
Site Check is an online tool, built to accelerate the production of housing by facilitating planning decisions and clarifying where existing streamlining options under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) may apply.
Enviro Risk Screening Tool for China
CBI is partnering with the Paulson Institute, the Foreign Economic Cooperation Office of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China (FECO), and the state of California to provide FECO with an Environmental Risk Screening Tool.

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The Good News Effect, Part 2
This is the second post of a new series within the CBI Blog that highlights positive events around the world and discusses their significance in relation to global sustainability. In each of these posts I hope to offer insights into the potential we each have to make the world a better place, and to draw attention to the ways that people around the world already have. In my first post, I discussed the impact Good News can have on us as ...

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