Kai Foster (Henifin), M.A.

Project Manager, GIS Analyst

Kai Foster is a Cultural Ecologist/GIS Analyst with professional and academic experience working with diverse communities on a broad range of environmental issues.  In 2008, she joined Conservation Biology Institute focusing her attention primarily on protected areas in the United States.  Before joining the CBI team, Kai spent three years working with communities in Western Alaska mapping areas of cultural and ecological significance.  Her interest in the relationship between people and landscapes has brought an appreciation and understanding to her current work in protected areas.     

Kai Foster (Henifin) is presenting at Webinar: Collaborative Spatial Planning Using the Great Basin LCC’s Conservation Planning Atlas on February 22.


BLM Rapid Ecological Assessment (REA), Sonoran Desert
Working as a subcontractor to Dynamac Corporation, the Conservation Biology Institute provided the scientific leadership and technical support for two BLM Rapid Ecoregional Assessment (REAs).  The Sonoran Desert ecoregion was completed in the spring ...
Supporting USFS National Forest Review
CBI is supporting the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) as it works to develop a strategic, comprehensive approach for conducting inventory, monitoring, & assessments that respond to the priorities of the whole agency instead of individual or programmatic needs.
Colorado Plateau - REA
Rapid Ecological Assessment in the Colorado Plateau, for the BLM

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A Conversation with Gwynne Nell Corrigan
In the third in a series of conversations between staff at the Conservation Biology Institute, Gwynne Nell Corrigan, Communications Guru, at CBI, shares with Kai Foster, GIS Specialist, about backup singer dreams, a Burmese python named “Katy”, and the brilliant challenge that rocked her world. Can you describe your job in 5 words I have to do six because I’m a bit of a rebel. This was challenging because at first I was ...

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