Zac Canter

GIS Analyst | Project Manager

Zac Canter has experience applying geographic information systems to a variety of environmental science and planning challenges. He is currently a GIS Analyst/Project Manager at CBI, specializing in the Southern California region. He spent two years as a Teaching Assistant for the Geography Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His research interests include GIS applications in land-use planning, human-environment relations, and the regional geography of California. In his free time, Zac likes to travel, surf, snowboard, and golf.


Fire Risk Mitigation in Santa Barbara Co
The tool will serve as a community resource within the Santa Barbara County Conservation Blueprint and should improve communication, network building, and support community priorities through a regional approach to fire resilience and habitat health.
Assessing fire damaged watersheds
Santa Barbara Botanical Garden and CBI partner to assess fire-damaged watersheds and prioritize management actions.

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