• Sensor Technology for Improved Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Fire Resilience
    CBI is developing a web application to help planners identify areas vulnerable to water contamination exposure in the event of large-scale fires.
  • Micronesia Challenge 2030
    The Micronesia Challenge 2030 goals aim to effectively manage 50% of the marine resources and 30% of terrestrial resources by 2030.
  • Coyote Valley Credits Program
    Peninsula Open Space Trust seeks to develop strategies to provide incentives to private landowners in the Coyote Valley to dedicate their properties to conservation, and encourage the development of land-use policies supportive of its conservation vision.
  • Mapping Potential Conservation Lands in Support of 30x30
    CBI worked closely with NRDC to integrate relevant spatial datasets to map areas of high value from the standpoint of carbon storage and sequestration, terrestrial ecological value, and aquatic value in support of the NRDC program, the 30x30 campaign.
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