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  • Connecting Decision-Makers with the Power of Google Earth Engine
    Environmental scientists and decision-makers often employ mapping and modeling to address a wide range of complex environmental challenges. Barriers practitioners face include long data processing times, lack of access to robust and up-to-date datasets, and complex programming languages and libraries. GEODE (the Global Environmental Online Decision Engine) is a web-based ...
  • Open Knowledge Network
    Conservation Biology Institute is a partner in a new $1 million grant from a new interdisciplinary NSF program to foster building an "open knowledge network." The inspiration for this type of network comes from Tim Berners-Lee's (best known founder of the World-wide Web) vision for the "semantic web," which ...
  • Early warning systems for biodiversity and ecosystem health
    **Please contact Phoebe Barnard at phoebe.barnard@consbio.org for more information on this project. These are challenging times ahead, with the overwhelming need to decarbonize our global economy driving extensive land use changes.  Biodiversity early warning systems are a collaborative form of rigorous, evidence-based decision support for land and water ...
  • Primary and Intact Rainforest Assessment and Protection Campaign, British Columbia, Canada
    Primary forests make up approximately one-third of the world’s remaining forests. Globally, they are grossly under-represented in protected areas and subject to industrial-scale logging and “sustainable forest management” that otherwise fragment intact areas. They face unprecedented threats from logging, mining, energy development, and climate change. British Columbia contains two globally ...
  • California Statewide Energy Planning
    CBI is providing science and technical support to assist the California Energy Commission (CEC) in planning the state’s future energy needs, which includes achieving aggressive renewable energy goals with minimal damage to natural systems. Building off of previous work completed for the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP), CBI is ...
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