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Conservation Biology in Sub-Saharan Africa
September 2019
570 - 572

Tracking species in space and time: citizen science in Africa


Productive partnerships are one of the most important components of any successful conservation undertaking. Throughout this textbook, we have seen how successful partnerships can ensure effective law enforcement, sustainable development, ecosystem protection, and threat mitigation. Yet, many conservation projects continue to fail due to a lack of collaboration between community groups, scientists, and government leaders. Other projects fail due to unproductive partnerships, such as those relying too much on foreign consultants who lack the necessary understanding of cultural intricacies and organisational objectives in recipient countries (Mcleod et al., 2015). When considering conservation’s funding deficits, it is critical to wisely use what limited funds we have by maximising each project’s prospects for success. Accomplishing this task starts with partnership composition.


Barnard P. 2019. Tracking species in space and time: citizen science in Africa. Pp. 570-572 in: Wilson J & Primack, RB (eds). Conservation Biology in Sub-Saharan Africa. Sinauer Associates. Published online 9 September 2019.

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