Aug, 2016

Recommendations for the Workshop on Optimizing and Improving Geosptial Services to Support Landscape-Scale Mitigation


The Department of the Interior (DOI) oversees roughly 20 percent of US lands and 20 percent of the development of US energy supplies, mediates the use of water in the Nation’s 17 western states, and serves more than 500 federally recognized tribes and native communities in Alaska.  Recently Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell issued Secretarial Order 3330 “Improving Mitigation Policies and Practices of the Department of the Interior” that directed development of a coordinated Department-wide Strategy aimed at strengthening mitigation practices.  SO 3330 states : “Central to this strategy will be (1) the use of a landscape-scale approach to identify and facilitate investment in key conservation priorities in a region; (2) early integration of mitigation considerations in project planning and design; (3) ensuring the durability of mitigation measures over time; (4) ensuring transparency and consistency in mitigation decisions; and (5) a focus on mitigation efforts that improve the resilience of our Nation’s resources in the face of climate change.”

See report for more.

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