Climate Consoles

Science-based, actionable climate data for smarter, more comprehensive, landscape-level planning.
Climate Consoles


Nikolas Stevenson-Molnar
Senior Software Engineer

Climate Consoles are web-based mapping applications, designed to allow a user to explore climate projections and logic model results for specified areas of interest for a variety of geographies. Climate Consoles provide science-based and actionable climate data to encourage smarter, more comprehensive landscape-level conservation planning efforts and decisions.

Within the Climate Consoles, users can access comprehensive and current climate data, projected change, three month weather forecasts, explore logic model results, as well as access ecosystem services information including vegetation composition, carbon, fire and water.


  • The Nature's Stage Climate Mapper allows users to explore the geoclimatic stability of HUC5 watersheds within the Pacific Northwest. Geoclimatic Stability, as defined here, is a measure of a natural system's capacity to remain stable as the climate changes over time. This is based on two factors - 1) Climate Departure: a measure of how different the future climate is projected to be from the historical climate, 2) Climate Resilience: a measure of how resilient an area is expected to be to changes in climate (based on topoclimate diversity and landscape permeability).
  • The Florida Climate Adaptation Explorer provides a starting point from which to address the predicted impacts of climate change on Florida’s fish, wildlife, and ecosystems. The explorer is intended to serve as a resource in understanding potential impacts and to help in the development of adaptation strategies that could be implemented by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and other natural resource management agencies and groups. The goal is that this “guide” will provide the tools for better integration of adaptation actions and tasks into broader policies and programs, serving as a toolkit to help natural resource managers and others understand and address the current and future impacts of climate change on Florida’s ecosystems.
  • Landscape Climate Dashboard allows you to explore future climate projections and soil site sensitivity for federally held protected lands across California, Pacific Northwest, Great Basin and Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) boundaries.
  • BLM EEMAPS is a web mapping application designed for exploring climate projections and fuzzy logic (EEMS) model results for the state of Utah & the Colorado Plateau. It is a predecessor of the Climate Console system.
  • Pacific Northwest Ecosystem Resilience Network is a website developed for the Pacific Northwest Ecosystem Resilience Network  -- a strategic planning initiative comprising three USDA Forest Service districts (Siuslaw, Mt. Hood, Willamette) and two Bureau of Land Management (BLM) districts (Eugene & Salem) spanning Western Oregon.
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