Data Visualization Tools

Translating complex data into clear and concise visualizations.
Data Visualization Tools


Nikolas Stevenson-Molnar
Senior Software Engineer

Explore CBI’s tool design and development - compiled and categorized here for your convenience. We collaborate with clients from start to finish, going through several rounds of QA/QC to ensure a robust product. All tool development is based in rigorous conservation science and applies to real-life problem solving. Please contact Nik ( or Jim ( if you want us to build a tool for you in advancing a resilient and sustainable world. 

  • West Coast Estuaries Explorer, a tool designed to engage a broad range of users with detailed information about estuaries along the U.S. West Coast.  CBI developed this tool in partnership with the Pacific Marine & Estuarine Fish Habitat Partnership (PMEP). The partnership is supported by NOAA and the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC).  The Explorer includes aerial images for each of the estuaries in Washington, Oregon, and California.  Later in 2019, CBI and PMEP will incorporate additional information on the location of eelgrass habitat and areas of tidal wetland loss. PSMFC has taken over long-term hosting of this exciting tool.
  • The South  Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative Conservation Blueprint Viewer is a living spatial plan to conserve natural and cultural resources for future generations. It identifies priority areas for shared conservation action. Blueprint 2.2 is completely data-driven, prioritizing the lands and waters of the South Atlantic region based on ecosystem indicator models and a connectivity analysis. Better indicator condition suggests higher ecosystem integrity and higher importance for natural and cultural resources across all ecosystems collectively. So far, more than 500 people from 150 organizations actively participated in the collaborative development of the Blueprint.
  • The Florida Conservation Atlas Viewer is a simple interface is designed to help inform conservation decisions by allowing you to explore a suite of data layers and models. You’ll find information on priority natural resources, biodiversity richness, landscape connectivity and integrity, surface waters and factors contributing to potential landscape change (sea level rise, urban development).
  • The Willamette Valley Conservation Explorer is a visualization tool that allows users to explore the Priority Conservation Areas in the valley. These areas contain remnant populations of native wildlife in decline and the habitat elements they require, that if restored and conserved, could help these species to recover.
  • DRECP Covered Species Database is a database web application developed for members of the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan. This application allows the user to explore information about the set of covered species within the DRECP study area
  • DRECP Natural Communities database is a database web application developed for members of the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan. This application allows the user to explore information on a set of natural plant communities within the DRECP study area


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