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Decision Support and Data Exploration Tools

CBI creates decision support and data exploration tools for our partners and clients.
Decision Support and Data Exploration Tools

Please contact us to learn more about the tools we develop as well as the services we offer (

The following is a list of some of the tools we have developed:

Climate Consoles:

Climate Consoles are web-based mapping applications designed for exploring climate projections, simulated impacts, and fuzzy logic (EEMS) model results for a specified area of interest. Three climate consoles have been completed so far:


Landscape Climate Dashboard:

The Landscape Climate Dashboard allows you to explore future climate projections and soil site sensitivity for federally held protected lands across the California, Pacific Northwest, Great Basin and Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) boundaries.



The Utah & Colorado Plateau Environmental Evaluation Mapping and Plotting System (EEMAPS) is a web mapping application designed for exploring climate projections and fuzzy logic (EEMS) model results for the state of Utah & the Colorado Plateau. It is a predecessor of the Climate Console system.


Pacific Northwest Ecosystem Resilience Network

A website developed for the Pacific Northwest Ecosystem Resilience Network  -- a strategic planning initiative comprising three USDA Forest Service districts (Siuslaw, Mt. Hood, Willamette) and two Bureau of Land Management (BLM) districts (Eugene & Salem) spanning Western Oregon.


Integrated Climate Scenarios (Northwest)

A web application designed for exploring historical and future projections for climate, hydrology and vegetation in the Pacific Northwest. 

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