Open Source Development at CBI

Open Source Development at CBI

CBI is committed to developing and widely sharing creative, high-quality solutions and information to support the conservation and recovery of biological diversity in its natural state.  The software developed within CBI is no different; our goal is to share our technical solutions so that others can leverage our work to achieve positive conservation outcomes.  CBI develops open source tools and applications that range from simple utilities to more complex data interpretation and processing tools all the way to full-featured applications for data exploration and analysis.  Core CBI products, such as Data Basin, are built using open source components developed by CBI and the open source community.  CBI staff actively participate in the open source community, including collaboration on open source projects, providing bug fixes, and general community-building.

To find out more about CBI’s open source solutions, please explore our account on GitHub:

For more information about our software development and technical solutions, please contact Brendan Ward.


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