Will my forest look good in those genes?

Dr. Sally Aitken from the University of British Columbia, Forest and Conservation Science Dept presents: "Will my forest look good in those genes?  The AdapTree project is a large-scale Canadian effort to apply state-of-the art genomics and climate-mapping technologies to the problem of mismatch as a rapidly changing climate threatens forest health and productivity, resulting in widespread maladaptation of trees. The target species are the commercially important interior spruce and lodgepole pine. UBC scientists are matching existing and naturally occurring genetic populations of these two species with the appropriate climate areas under climate change. Information generated though this project is helping the provincial forestry agencies in BC and Alberta structure their policy for tree planting. With such knowledge-based policy, foresters working to replant harvested areas are able to make informed decisions regarding seed source. This project aims to improve the long-term health of public forests and have an economic impact on the benefits that flow from these forests (hundreds of millions of dollars annually).


Dominique Bachelet, Ph.D.
Senior Climate Change Scientist, Team Lead- Global Change
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