Academic Research Perspective I—Challenges Leading to Proposed CIRC

This is webinar seven of the CIRC’s ongoing webinar series Evaluating Decision Support Tools. In this series, CIRC team member Holly Hartmann has been discussing best practices for climate change decision support evaluation. 

Climate change decision support is defined by the National Research Council’s 2009 report Informing Decisions in a Changing Climate as “organized efforts to produce, disseminate, and facilitate the use of data and information in order to improve the quality and efficacy of climate-related decisions."

This webinar considers the challenges for evaluating decision support tools and processes from traditional academic perspectives. Published reviews of existing frameworks highlight shortcomings. However, many offer little in the way of practical alternatives. The webinar introduces a four-part framework that combines evaluation approaches and metrics from different domains both within and outside academia.

Holly Hartmann
CBI Host
Senior Spatial Analyst | Project Manager
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