Advancing Conservation with Data Basin

Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) is presents a one-hour webinar for Wilburforce grantees to get familiar with the online data and information sharing platform, Data Basin ( Data Basin was created by CBI to support science-driven conservation by providing free access to tools that empower collaboration and decision-making. 

In this webinar, participants will learn: 

1) What is Data Basin and why was it built. 

2) How to explore and view spatial data. 

3) How to customize your own content. 

4) How to create collaborative workspaces. 

5) How other Wilburforce grantees are using the platform. 

This webinar is intended to get participants started with Data Basin. Follow-up webinars can be organized for Wilburforce grantees who are interested in a deeper dive into the specific functionality that will help them achieve their missions.

Kai Foster, Conservation Biology Institute
CBI Host
Gwynne Corrigan, M.S.
Director of Communications
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