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  • The Northwest Climate Toolbox: Mapping Climate Information for multi-sectoral stakeholders
    The Northwest Climate Toolbox ( presented by Katherine Hegewisch (University of Idaho), is a collection of web tools for visualizing observed and projected climate information to help with decision making in agricultural, water management, and fire management. The Northwest Climate Toolbox provides many products across the entire US ...
  • Decision Support Tool Suitability: Helping Decision Makers Choose Your Tools
    This webinar with Dr. Holly Hartmann, Director of Climate Science Adaptations for Carpe Diem West, focuses on criteria for choosing a decision support tool from among the ever-changing mix of available and emerging tools. Decision makers are often overwhelmed by the proliferation of decision support tools, uncertain whether they have ...
  • Navigating the Data Basin Platform: A Guided Tour
    Katie O'Connor gives an introductory tour to demonstrate multiple ways to explore and create content in Data Basin. Data Basin is an online mapping and analysis platform that supports learning, research, and sustainable environmental stewardship. The tour includes examples of keyword & geographic search functions, mapping, and collaborative tools ...
  • VELMA – a scalable, transferable ecohydrological model for watershed restoration planning
    This seminar will provide an overview of the VELMA ecohydrological model and associated tools to estimate effects of land use and climate scenarios on water quality and quantity, food and fiber production, fish and wildlife habitat, carbon sequestration and other ecosystem services. Current model applications are providing decision support for ...
  • Decision Support Tool Utility: Connecting with Decision Making Processes
    This webinar with Holly Hartmann, Director of Climate Science Adaptations for Carpe Diem West, focuses on using decision support tools to make and implement decisions, by connecting DSTs with real-world decision making processes.  Climate-related DSTs have typically been implemented as stand-alone tools limited in the scope of their application ...
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