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  • Amazing Uses of CartoDB
    Given the importance of maps for understanding and communicating data, CartoDB has enabled a diverse set of biodiversity and conservation use-cases. In this webinar, presentor Andrew Hill will highlight some of those use-cases, discussing the technology and methodology used by their creators. For viewers unfamiliar with CartoDB, we will also ...
  • A New Global Measure of Earth's Maximum Land Surface Temperature
    David Mildrexler, a PhD candidate at Oregon State University and Wilburforce Conservation Fellow, presented the following webinar on June 12, 2015 at 10am PST: "Characterizing an Integrated Annual Global Measure of the Earth’s Maximum Land Surface Temperatures from 2003 to 2012 Reveals Strong Biogeographic Influences" This webinar was based on David's presentation ...
  • An Introduction to the AdaptWest Database for Climate Adaptation Conservation Planning
    Presentation May 28, 2015 by Dr. Carlos Carroll (Klamath Center for Conservation Research) Climate-driven shifts in species and ecosystems are complicating efforts to conserve biodiversity at the landscape scale. Recognizing this challenge, agencies and non-governmental organizations are increasingly searching for tools and information that allow identification of areas that are ...
  • A Path Forward: Identifying Least-Conflict Solar PV Development in California‚Äôs San Joaquin
    The San Joaquin Valley is positioned to play a pivotal role in helping California achieve its ambitious goal to meet half of the state’s electricity demand by 2030 from renewable sources. The Valley’s temperate climate and high solar insolation has already attracted investment in over 120 solar energy facilities, which ...
  • A tale of two fires: fire ecology and management with an eye to the future in S. California
    As a colleague once wisely said, “there are two types of fire in southern California.  The ones we plan for and the ones that do all the damage.” The ones that do all the damage have given southern California its notorious reputation for wildfire and the massive number ...
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