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  • Models to Support Conservation and Management of Rare Carnivores in the Sierra Nevada
    Dr. Wayne Spencer, Director of Conservation Assessment and Planning at Conservation Biology Institute (CBI), presents results of recent analyses concerning the distribution, quality, connectivity, and resiliency of habitats and populations of four imperiled  carnivores in the Sierra Nevada and southern Cascades:  marten (Martes caurina), fisher (Martes pennanti), wolverine (Gulo gulo ...
  • Data Basin Climate Center: Guided Tour
    In this session, Dr. Dominique Bachelet and members of the Data Basin ( team at Conservation Biology Institute provide an overview of how to access climate and impacts datasets, visualization and manipulation tools, vulnerability assessment examples, and social networking tools.
  • Using Premium Mapping and Analysis Tools in Data Basin
    In this session, Brendan Ward (Lead Software Engineer/Conservation Biologist/GIS Analyst) and Kai Henifin will provide an overview of Data Basin's advanced analytical tools.   The demonstration will include example showing: Select by Attribute – Select features within a dataset by using values of attributes. The selected features ...
  • Protected Areas Center in Data Basin: Guided Tour
    Kai Henfin from the Conservation Biology Institute presents an introduction to the design of the Data Basin platfom and an overview of how to access and use protected areas information.  Kai Henifin, Cultural Ecologist/GIS Analyst, uses non-technical mapping examples to show how to visualize, customize, and analyze spatial ...
  • Powered by Data Basin: Supporting the LCCs with Spatial Data, Tools, and Social Networks
    Webinar presentation on April 9 2013 by Dr. James Strittholt and Dr. Tosha Comendant from the Conservation Biology Institute (  Dr. Strittholt presented an overview of the Data Basin platform (  The presentation includes specific examples of Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) in the Southeast ...
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