Climate-smart Seedlot Selection Tool: Seed Sources for Reforestation and Restoration in the 21st C

CBI staff Nikolas Stevenson-Molnar (tool developer), Brendan Ward (project manager), and Dominique Bachelet (project PI), have been collaborating with forest geneticists from the US Forest Service (Brad StClair) and Oregon State University (Glenn Howe) to develop a climate-smart seedlot selection tool (SST). The project’s main objective is to produce an interactive mapping application that will help forest managers match seedlots with planting sites. The web application will allow them to select for their location a species of trees, a transfer limit method (using established seed zones or not), a climate scenario, and a set of relevant climate variables that will be used to display seedlots that are appropriate for planting on a particular site or planting sites appropriate for a particular seedlot. Public release of the web application was September 23, 2016.

Please visit the website at

Glenn Howe (OSU) Brad StClair (USFS
CBI Host
Senior Spatial Analyst | Project Manager
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