Conserving biodiversity by ensuring geneflow and migration amidst a rapidly warming and changing world.

Linkage Mapper supports regional wildlife habitat connectivity analyses. It consists of six tools that automate the mapping and prioritization of wildlife habitat corridors. It is comprised of open-source Python scripts, shared in an ArcGIS toolbox.   The toolbox currently has 6 interrelated tools that map the linkages, pinchpoints, barriers (for restoration priority), centrality, climate distance, linkage priority, and other information. 

We are grateful to Brad McRae for starting this project in 2011, and entrusting it to John Gallo in 2017. We have partnered with Wildlife Institute of India in this endeavor, and are open to additional partnerships.

More details are available on the project website, and we encourage you to take the survey about feature requests and opportunities. You can download the software here

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