This project integrates three different types of climate change modeling results - climate variables from the latest climate modeling, MC2 vegetation change, and soil sensitivity data with federally and tribally held protected areas.

The Landscape Climate Dashboard allows users to explore federally and tribally held protected areas historic and projected future climate (i.e. precipitation and temperature), historic and projected future vegetation change, and spatial distribution of soils vulnerable to climate change. Integration and summarization of these data in a visalization tool will enable users to easily explore historic and projected future conditions for specific protected areas within a LCC or across multiple LCCs (including California, Great Basin, Great Northern and North Pacific). The design of the user interface was built with input from regional managers to assure the tool provides useful insights that allows for the planning of short, medium, and long-term adaptation strategies.

The new tool not only provides high level summaries of protected areas to allow for comparison across designations and within designs. For a more detailed view of the data, an individual protected area can be selected and explored at greater depth. Results will inform decisions about which protected areas are most likely to require the greatest management response to various climate change impacts. 

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