Making readily web-available all past results from the team's MC1 dynamic vegetation model.

The MAPSS team (its name based on the first model written by Neilson), led by Ron Neilson (USFS), including both OSU and USFS scientists, developed the MC1 dynamic global vegetation model in the 1990s using some of the static MAPPS (mapped atmosphere plant soil system) model biogeography rules and the core biogeography algorithms from the CENTURY model.  MC1 was the workhorse of the MAPPS team and was run at various scales for areas varying from the world to 0.5 degree lat x long to Wind Cave National Park at 50m spatial grain.  The model code evolved since the 90s and its ground-breaking fire module was refined.  Ron Neilson and James Lenihan have now both retired from the USFS and CBI staff, in collaboration with the last remaining member of the original team, Ray Drapek (USFS), are now cleaning up, documenting, web-publishing results from various MC1 projects using CBI’s Data Basin web site.

The project was initiated and funded by the USFS in 2010 (USFS Joint Venture Agreement PNW 11-JV-1 1261952-028: $98,198).

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