Mutli-scale Sythesis and Terrestrial Model Intercomparison Project

The CBI modeling team is involved in a project (MsTMIP – Multi-scale Synthesis and Terrestrial Model Intercomparison project) with the goal to improve carbon budget estimations at the global (0.5o x 0.5o lat-lon) and continental (0.25o x 0.25o) scales. Environmental (soils, landuse) and meteorological drivers are shared among modeling teams, and simulations are standardized to facilitate comparison between models and with available observations through an integrated evaluation framework.

This activity builds off current and past North American Carbon Program (NACP) syntheses activities, with an overall goal of providing feedback to the terrestrial biospheric modeling community and improve the diagnosis and attribution of carbon sources and sinks across regional and global scales.The key scientific questions addressed by this project range from carbon flux attribution (What are the fluxes?), to diagnosis (What are the processes controlling variability?), and to prediction (How will changes in climate and other factors alter future fluxes?).

Simulations are broken down into baseline simulations required of all participating models (CBI is getting indirect support from the USFS to participate in this project), and a set of sensitivity experiments that are only required of those teams receiving financial support from NASA through MsTMIP to participate in the project. Lead P.I. is Deborah Huntzinger (NASA grant).  CBI staff are funded by the USFS.

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