A workshop on ‘Sustainability in Higher Education from the vantage of the Global South’ was organized by the Azim Premji University between 12 and 14 January 2015 in Bengaluru, India. Its goal was to explore how sustainability can be integrated into undergraduate, postgraduate and professional courses. The workshop was divided into four sessions with interlinked themes – the irst, with a focus on framing sustainability; the second, on integraing sustainability in higher educaion; the third, on sustainability curricula; and the last, on pedagogy for sustainability. All four sessions were informed by the broader educaional goal of enabling students from diverse backgrounds to envision, conceptualise, research and implement sustainability in varied personal and professional contexts. Paricipants of the workshop drew upon their varied experiences, from India and insituions across the world, in the teaching and learning of the mulidimensional concept of sustainability in diverse geographies. The quesions, counterquesions, discussions and potenial soluions raised during the workshop are presented in this paper in a dialogic style.

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