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In the world of GIS it is important to make personal connections to get the job done. The most successful people are often also those who rely heavily on the power of networking. Unfortunately, networking can be exhausting and is probably the last thing that you want to do after a long day. In this session you will learn about building relationships authentically, even while working remotely, and how you can leave the impersonal, transactional nature of networking behind. Bio: Eva Reid, MPA, GISP is a Senior GIS Analyst in the DC Metro area with 25 years of experience in GIS, information technology, training and project management. Eva also owns a consulting business, Eva Reid Consulting, LLC, offering professional development opportunities to women in technology. The Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) presents the SCGIS webinar series in partnership with the Society for Conservation GIS. To learn more about CBI, please visit https://consbio.org/.