who we are

CBI is a non-partisan, science-based nonprofit working to support the conservation of biological diversity towards a healthier, more ecologically sustainable planet.


Our values and philosophy

Mission statement

We provide advanced conservation science, technology, and planning to empower our partners in solving the world’s critical ecological challenges  

At CBI, we believe that saving the natural treasures on this planet is of paramount importance, and we feel a world without things “natural, wild, and free” is a lonely and dangerous one for our present and future generations. We are committed as scientists and as human beings to doing our best to create a better future.

We believe humanity is responsible for the current ecological crisis, but we also believe humanity can create an alternative future—one that benefits all life. By blending our talents and skills with others who share our passion, we hope to contribute to finding solutions to conservation’s greatest challenges.

Our History

A remarkable journey …

Like most journeys, ours started with a single step, or steps. A husband and wife team, who started CBI in 1997, have walked many steps together with a growing accompaniment of many passionate, honorable, and talented individuals through our staff, clients, and partners.

Our planet is in serious trouble. As a collective group of innovative scientists, software developers, geospatial analysts, admins, and most importantly human beings, we have dedicated our lives to finding solutions to as many ecological and sustainability challenges as possible be they local, global, and everything in between.

The talent at CBI is top-tier. More importantly, the passion everyone brings to the mission is second to none. The people we have been lucky to attract over the years desperately want to make a difference and it shows in everything we do.

We have said to ourselves many times,
“The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”

-Robert Frost

Jim and Pam in 1992 in Adams County, Ohio, completing field verification for Jim’s dissertation.

Jim and Pam in 2017 celebrating CBI’s 20th anniversary!


We provide a range of integrated scientific and technological services to support ecological sustainability

The world is a complex place, and solutions to problems are seldom obvious or accomplished in isolation. We collaborate with a wide diversity of partners and use a range of tools—both social and technical—to support wise planning, policy, and management for biodiversity, ecosystems, climate, energy, and water resources.

We work dynamically, finding creative new ways to solve problems. Whether your interest is endangered species, energy or water planning, or taking rapid climate adaptation or mitigation steps, we help you make complex decisions in efficient ways, using the best available evidence.