Transparent and Transformative Science Bridging Research with Applications

As scientists, we understand the rigor and utility of science in addressing real-world problems. We are deeply aware that we cannot solve ecological problems on our own. We engage with scientists from various disciplines, and practitioners to bring an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to what we do. Where needed, we gain valuable insights from experts in local and traditional knowledge. As a group, we have professional expertise in ecology, conservation biology, fire science, geography, forestry, botany, entomology, and agriculture. We look for innovative and collaborative ways to bridge cutting-edge research with applications. Science is the foundation for all we do at CBI.

For over 30 years, the Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency worked to apply advanced techniques for land management and species monitoring for the Endangered Stephens Kangaroo Rat. The partnership with Conservation Biology Institute and their scientific expertise elevated RCHCA’s approach and allowed the layering of sound management practices backed by proven scientific strategies in support of species conservation, contributing to the overall success of our mission. With CBI’s dedication to applied research, education, and collaborative community service, we achieved milestones and made real impacts to change species status and complete recovery actions.

Princess L. Hester, Administrative Services Director, Western Riverside Council of Governments, Riverside, California
Wild pine marten on a log.
CBI scientists are involved in modeling connectivity and guiding restoration of habitat for small carnivores in the Sierras, like the American Marten.
Southern California dessert in an orange tinge with wildfire smoke in the sky.
We use sound science-based modeling to project the likelihood of fire occurrence in the landscape and help plan for a more resilient future

what we offer

Rigorous and relevant scientific analysis, review, and communications

  • Scientific studies, assessment and analysis of real-world problems
  • Spatial Modeling to guide decision making
  • Science communications and outreach to diverse audiences
  • Data Science and analytics
Wildfire burning on a hill of dead grass, heading towards homes in the trees

It is a tremendous feeling of satisfaction to see that our decades of scientific research on fire science and ecology are now translating into policy discussions and decision-making. We are engaging with utility companies, city planners, and fire managers who are keen to use scientific evidence to make the most impactful decisions. These decisions not only reduce fire risk to people but also promote ecological resilience. We have a strong multidisciplinary team of experts here at CBI, and I look forward to what we can accomplish going forward.

– Alex Syphard, Senior Scientist at CBI