Expert Consultations, Training, and Project Management

We provide expert consultations on issues that intersect between conservation and development. We provide client-based training programs in the use of our spatial tools and applications, and create video tutorials where needed. We provide project management and facilitation services in the interface between science and real-world problem solving. We publish use cases and white papers to make complex scientific analyses accessible to a wide variety of audiences.  

Partners and clients that utilize CBI’s expertise in this area are varied.  Numerous federal, state, and local government agencies have asked CBI to lead in providing these services.  Other conservation non-profits as well as universities have been actively engaged with CBI to help provide educational experiences to their students; external peer review of various plans and initiatives; and participation in stakeholder processes.  Law firms have also sought CBI services to review and provide guidance on a number of important legal actions.

Large group of people outside standing in a half-circle, watching something
Field-based training on native species restoration techniques.
Two people in a field of greenery, measuring areas for data collection
Monitoring native species – On the job training of volunteers.

what we offer

Services that communicate science to address real-world problems

  • Project facilitation and management services
  • Science review processes
  • Video tutorials and short courses
  • Use cases, reports, and white papers
  • Expert consultations in our areas of expertise
Large crab just coming out of the sand after the tide has pulled back

We set out to show that multiple and disparate parties could identify least-conflict areas for siting of solar projects in the San Joaquin Valley in a matter of months rather than years, for a reasonable cost, and that the maps could help streamline siting of projects. CBI’s approach works. It is now incumbent upon us to take advantage of it.

Ken Alex, Senior Advisor to Governor Jerry Brown and Director of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research