User-Driven, Visually Compelling Decision Support Tools

We bridge software and scientific domains to make scientific information more accessible, useful, and actionable by developing innovative, visually compelling tools to help people make more informed decisions.  We combine cutting edge technologies with the best available science to empower people with data and information.  

Finding solutions to complex environmental problems can frequently be aided by well-designed software customization. We work collaboratively with clients to ensure our tools meet or exceed their expectations. Our collaborative approach and software development expertise empower clients to:

  • Gain new insights into science data and information
  • Make scientific data and information accessible to target audiences
  • Make evidence-based decisions in planning and policy
The Seedlot Selection Tool (SST) helps forest managers match seedlots with planting sites based on projected future climate conditions.
Crew of forestry workers heading out on a path into the forest
The Seedlot tool guides climate-smart reforestation efforts

what we offer

Elegant, User-friendly, Cost-effective Software Solutions

  • We specialize in conservation and sustainability software solutions
  • We emphasize user-driven software solutions from start to finish
  • We build scalable, state-of-the-art software to meet your decision support needs
  • We offer complete and holistic solutions to complex problems through combining software, science, communications, and GIS expertise
Beams of sunlight passing through trees onto an empty road

We are spending $40 million a year on investing in agricultural easements. We need to give much more serious thought as to where agriculture is likely to migrate and also where there is little likelihood for sustainable agriculture. The California Climate Console is useful for that purpose. As information like this becomes more readily available we collectively can do a better job of thinking strategically as to where we want to focus our investment- agricultural easements as well as implementation of management, and the kind of conservation we want to support, like those agricultural lands that have the highest likelihood of being sustained over time in California.

John Lowrie, Assistant Director for the Department of Conservation and Chief of the Division of Land Resource Protection