The Conservation Biology Institute is a non-partisan, science-based nonprofit working to support the conservation of biological diversity towards a healthier, more ecologically sustainable planet.

Integrating science into land management requires both the development of management-relevant science and the communication of that science in a way that can be readily integrated into existing management processes. CBI has worked collaboratively to understand what land managers in the Sierra Nevada need to inform science-based conservation decision-making, and to develop useful information and tools to help further our mission in that respect.

Sarah Sawyer, National Wildlife Ecologist, United States Forest Service, Washington Office

For over 30 years, the Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency worked to apply advanced techniques for land management and species monitoring for the Endangered Stephens Kangaroo Rat. The partnership with Conservation Biology Institute and their scientific expertise elevated RCHCA’s approach and allowed the layering of sound management practices backed by proven scientific strategies in support of species conservation, contributing to the overall success of our mission. With CBI’s dedication to applied research, education, and collaborative community service, we achieved milestones and made real impacts to change species status and complete recovery actions.

Princess L. Hester, Administrative Services Director, Western Riverside Council of Governments, California