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Audubon’s Migratory Bird Initiative brings together spatial information for over 500 species of migratory birds to engage people in the joy of migration and identify places that birds need so we can protect them for future generations. We create animated maps that summarize the migration journey of each species across the year, bringing together information gathered by numerous researchers and institutions tracking individual birds with locating devices. In addition, we map connections between the places birds travel through, as well as the threats they face over the course of the year. We carefully apply principles of cartography to ensure maps are engaging and understandable, while generating maps through automated processes that allow us to create and update hundreds at a time. As part of the Migratory Bird Conservation Platform, these maps will engage audiences around both hemispheric and local bird migration and the development pressures bird face along their annual journey. The insights gained through the Conservation Platform can be used to inform conservation and drive actions for positive change.