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Wildlife is an essential component of all ecosystems. Yet most places around the world do not have local information on which species are present or how their populations are changing.

Camera traps have become a widely used and an effective way to collect wildlife data. Every year, thousands of cameras are set, capturing millions of images. However, wildlife managers and researchers using camera traps are frequently overwhelmed and burdened by the task of managing, processing and analyzing large volumes of camera trap data leaving the majority of data underutilized. Additionally, many of these efforts occur in isolation, further limiting the impact they could have on a global understanding of wildlife population health.
Wildlife Insights is a new wildlife monitoring platform that provides reliable and timely information about wildlife populations so that wildlife managers to help anticipate threats and take action to do their jobs effectively. By bringing together cutting-edge artificial intelligence for species recognition, access to the world’s largest database of camera trap images, and automated analytics, Wildlife Insights helps protected areas and other stakeholders understand where and why wildlife populations are changing.

Co-Authors and Citation: Ahumada JA, Fegraus E, Birch T, Flores N, Kays R, O’Brien TG, Palmer J, Schuttler S, Zhao JY, Jetz W, Kinnaird M, Kulkarni S, Lyet A, Thau D, Duong M, Oliver R, and Dancer A (2019) Wildlife Insights: A Platform to Maximize the Potential of Camera Trap and Other Passive Sensor Wildlife Data for the Planet. Environmental Conservation page 1 of 6. https://doi.org/10.1017/S0376892919000298

CBI presents this webinar in partnership with the Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS). To learn more about this organization, please visit https://www.scgis.org/.