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The Northwest Climate Toolbox (http://climatetoolbox.org) presented by Katherine Hegewisch (University of Idaho), is a collection of web tools for visualizing observed and projected climate information to help with decision making in agricultural, water management, and fire management. The Northwest Climate Toolbox provides many products across the entire US, yet emphasizes and is designed for stakeholders in the Northwest US. The toolbox’s mapping tool, Climate Mapper, allows users to access a series of maps that display climate information across the United States covering both recent and future time periods. The dynamic mapping interface not only provides climate variables, but also variables pertinent to agricultural systems, surface hydrology, and wildfire danger. This webinar will provide an overview of the datasets behind the Northwest Climate Toolbox and a demonstration of the functionality of the Climate Mapper tool, some example applications, and a short discussion of the development of this tool with lessons learned from user testing.