Jorge Diaz

Senior Software Engineer

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Jorge Diaz joined CBI in 2024. He started his career in technology as an artist, animator, and designer working on both the mainstream and the educational video game industry.

After completing an MS in Computer Science he started as a software engineer in the public sector. Sometime in between he taught college classes in storyboarding as well as computer science and co-owned two art supply stores with his wife. His developer experience is in accessibility, automation, full stack development, security, user interface design, and developing systems for a wide variety of user types.

Jorge’s love for nature started while growing up in Puerto Rico where he spent a lot of time fishing, swimming, and playing with his brother and friends in forested and undeveloped lots. He lives in the Northeast where he enjoys mentoring, camping, exercising, drawing, writing, and illustrating comic books and occasionally making music-like sounds with a guitar.