Libbey White

Senior Software Engineer

Contact Information

Libbey with a red leather jacket on, sunglasses on her head, with a hiking path background.


Libbey White grew up enjoying the natural splendor of Montana, which instilled in her an instinctive interest in conservation. Libbey majored in biology, but was a laundromat attendant, book store clerk, ranch cook, and lab assistant, among other things, before getting close to working with data and code. She got her start in the software field thanks to willing tutors at the Center for Computational Biology at Montana State University. Since then she has held a variety of software development roles, including exhibit software developer at Oregon Museum of Science & Industry and research software developer at Knight Cancer Institute, where she created a genomic data visualization application. She now has over 15 years of software development experience, much of it related to science and data visualization.