Pamela Frost, M.S.

Vice President | Chief Operations Officer

Pamela A. Frost earned a B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Maine, Machias in 1984 and a M.S. in Natural Resource Information Systems from Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio) in 1994.  While at Ohio State, she was involved in a number of Federally funded conservation GIS projects including database construction and analysis for the U.S. Forest Service as well as support work for the Northern Spotted Owl Recovery Planning Project .  Pam's Masters thesis emphasized the design and construction of an extensive conservation digital database and demonstrated how to use it in conservation planning for The Nature Conservancy on a globally imperiled ecosystem in northwestern Ohio - The Oak Openings.

Pam has had considerable experience working in the private sector.  She founded and later sold a successful biological insect control company (Bionomics, Inc.) in the Adirondacks, New York, worked as a GIS analyst for The Wildlands Project in Oregon, and now serves as Secretary/Treasurer for the Conservation Biology Institute. Besides her administrative duties as an officer, Pam serves as the GIS lab supervisor.  She lives with her husband Jim, sons Jonathan and Jacob, daughter Sarah, and four-legged friends in Corvallis.


Oregon's Legacy Wild Forests
Data and information about the importance of roadless areas in Oregon
Decision-support for Conservation
Building tools to minimize ecological impacts in the Southern Sierra and Tehachapi Mountains

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Evolution of a Dream
Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) was born out of a simple, yet unrelenting belief that we are all here on this planet to make a positive difference.  Our organization started out small.  Initially, it was just me and my husband, Jim Strittholt.  Our vision, our dream if you will, was to build an organization that would use and help produce the best available science and data to influence decision-making and support the ...

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