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SCGIS Webinar: Promises and Pitfalls of Conservation Drones

Low-cost drones are gaining popularity among ecologists as a tool for conservation research and practice. In this presentation, Lian Pin Koh will discuss a few examples of promising applications of conservation drones, as well as a few common challenges. Dr. Lian Pin Koh plays a key role in strengthening Conservation International’s existing science partnerships and in developing new strategic relationships with academia, technology companies and other NGOs. His research focuses ...

SCGIS webinar: The potential of the GEDI Lidar for Biodiversity Conservation Applications

The NASA Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) lidar mission has begun the two year Science and Mission Operations phase following a successful launch and installation on the International Space Station. In this webinar three members of the GEDI Science Team, Scott Goetz, Patrick Burns, and Patrick Jantz, will provide an overview of GEDI and how data are being (and will be) used for biodiversity applications. GEDI Deputy PI Goetz will ...

SCGIS Webinar: Connect your community using NASA's GLOBE Observer

Have you wondered how to connect your local observations to a global perspective? Peder Nelson will present NASA’s new volunteer science opportunity, “Land Cover: Adopt a Pixel.” The project is a part of GLOBE Observer (GO), a volunteer science program that lets you contribute meaningful data to NASA and the science community. The new Land Cover project enables volunteer scientists to photograph – with smartphones – the landscape, identify ...


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