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Advancing Conservation with Data Basin

Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) is presents a one-hour webinar for Wilburforce grantees to get familiar with the online data and information sharing platform, Data Basin (http://databasin.org). Data Basin was created by CBI to support science-driven conservation by providing free access to tools that empower collaboration and decision-making.  In this webinar, participants will learn:  1) What is Data Basin and why was it built.  2) How ...

Using drones to assist in plant conservation

Full Title: SCGIS - Using drones to assist in plant conservation: Discovery, monitoring and sky-truthing predictive model The National Tropical Botanical Garden has been collecting rare plant data in Hawai`i for over 40 years. When this information is paired with GIS technology, predictive indices can be created. Resulting predictive models indicate that native cliff habitats have a high probability for persisting populations of rare plant species. While this habitat type ...

Webinar Interactive Applications for Marine Conservation

Ben demonstrates and elaborates on interactive applications for data-driven storytelling of marine biodiversity and exploration of tradeoffs with human activities in the ocean: •Routing. Route ships to minimize risk of striking a whale. •Siting. Minimize impacts of offshore wind to birds in space and whales in time. •Uses. Flag competing ocean uses for early mitigation when siting offshore renewable energy (wind, wave, tidal). •eDNA. Visualize environmental DNA across dimensions of ...


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