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SCGIS Webinar: Mapping Bird Migrations and Threats Across the Western Hemisphere

Audubon's Migratory Bird Initiative brings together spatial information for over 500 species of migratory birds to engage people in the joy of migration and identify places that birds need so we can protect them for future generations. We create animated maps that summarize the migration journey of each species across the year, bringing together information gathered by numerous researchers and institutions tracking individual birds with locating devices. In addition ...

SCGIS Webinar: Building Effective Partnerships with Indigenous Communities

The webinar will outline recommendations for working with Indigenous communities based on the knowledge that long term relationship building with these communities is the foundation upon which educational programs, research collaborations, and other initiatives must be co-created. This presentation seeks to define best practices in approach and process for establishing and maintaining effective collaborations with Indigenous communities that respect sovereignty and self-determination and which have application across many types of ...

SCGIS Webinar: Building Relationships that Matter for Geospatial Career Success

In the world of GIS it is important to make personal connections to get the job done. The most successful people are often also those who rely heavily on the power of networking. Unfortunately, networking can be exhausting and is probably the last thing that you want to do after a long day. In this session you will learn about building relationships authentically, even while working remotely, and how you ...


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