Global Vegetation Dynamics: Concepts and Applications in MC1 model describes the creation in the mid 1990s, architecture, uses, and limitations of the MC1 dynamic global vegetation model (DGVM) that is being used by an increasing number of research groups around the world. The scientific foundation of most models is often poorly documented and difficult to access, and a centralized source of information for MC1, including the complete list of over eighty papers and reports with MC1 results will be useful to scientists and users who want to better understand the model and the output it generates.

Global Vegetation Dynamics: Concepts and Applications in MC1 model will be a valuable resource for students and researchers in the fields of climate change science, conservation science, biogeochemistry and ecology, as well as for land managers looking for a better understanding of the projections of climate change impacts and of the tools that have been developed to produce them.

Table of Contents

Part I: General Description of the Model MC1

1  History and General Description of the Dynamic Global Vegetation Model MC1- Dominique Bachelet

2  Historical Climate and Suppression Effects on Simulated Fire and Carbon Dynamics in the Conterminous United States-James M Lenihan and Dominique Bachelet

3  Challenges and Limitations of Using a DGVM for Local to Regional Applications- Dominique Bachelet, Brendan M Rogers, and David R Conklin

4  The Making of a Dynamic General Vegetation Model, MC1- Ronald P Neilson

Part II: Examples of Projects Using MC1 at Various Spatial Scales

5  A Brief Description of the VINCERA Project; Vulnerability and Impacts of North American Forests to Climate Change: Ecosystem Responses and Adaptation- David T Price, Daniel Scott, Mark R Lomas, Daniel W McKenney, Dominique Bachelet, Raymond J Drapek, James M Lenihan, Ronald P Neilson, F I Woodward, and Jonathan A Foley

6  Continent wide Simulations of a Dynamic Global Vegetation Model over the United States and Canada under Nine AR4 Future Scenarios- Raymond J Drapek, John B Kim, and Ronald P Neilson

7  Drivers of Future Ecosystem Change in the US Pacific Northwest: The Role of Climate, Fire, and Nitrogen- Brendan M Rogers, Dominique Bachelet, Raymond J Drapek, Beverly E Law, Ronald P Neilson, and John R Wells 91

8  Application of MC1 to Wind Cave National Park: Lessons from a Small Scale Study- David A King, Dominique Bachelet, and Amy J Symstad

9  Simulating Effects of Climate and Vegetation Change on Distributions of Martens and Fishers in the Sierra Nevada, California, Using Maxent and MC1- Wayne D Spencer, Heather Rustigian Romsos, Ken Ferschweiler, and Dominique Bachelet

Part III: Packaging MC1 Results to Increase Its Usability by Managers

10  Using a Dynamic Global Vegetation Model to Help Inform Management Decisions- Joshua S Halofsky, Jessica E Halofsky, David R Conklin, Dominique Bachelet, Miles A Hemstrom, Becky K Kerns, and Anita T Morzillo

11  Bringing MC1 Model Results to Data Basin to Facilitate Access, Distribution, and Interpretation- Dominique Bachelet and the CBI Data Basin team

Appendix: Publications and Reports Featuring MC1



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