The proposed Luebbers development is located in the headwaters of Dixon Creek just outside the urban growth boundary (UGB) for the City of Corvallis.  The development site contains two intermittent tributaries that flow directly into the West Fork of Dixon Creek.  The proposed development would require substantial road improvement to Live Oak Drive according to BCC 515(2) of approximately 3,000 feet immediately adjacent to Dixon Creek including a section within the UGB (Figure 1).  The development plan also proposes to construct Live Oak Court over steep slopes, which would connect Deer Run Street with Live Oak Drive.  No plan for stormwater management as required by BCC 97.115 (1)(k) or drainage plan for the road design required by BCC 99.515 have been provided.  Wetlands are located on the east side of Live Oak Drive near the proposed development and will require a detailed wetland delineation and possible mitigation plan.  No endangered species survey has been performed and will likely be required.  The southeasterly side of the proposed development site is very step and has a history of landslides.  The site has been identified as “sensitive” by Benton County Planning Commission staff due to its steep slopes (most of the site contains >20% slope) and highly erodable soils and therefore subject to BCC 99.105.  No detailed sewage disposal plan for the proposed housing development, required by BCC 99.705, was provided. 

With this background information in mind, we offer the following comments about the ecological considerations and concerns this proposed developed invokes.  We concentrate on the potential ecological impacts of the proposed development on three main areas:

(1) the riparian corridor of Dixon Creek directly impacted by the development,
(2) the ecological integrity of Dixon Creek overall, and
(3) wildlife habitat within and around the proposed development site.

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