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  • Protecting Natural Vegetation:Compartive Analysis of Land Protection Mechanisms
    In the United States, protected lands are diverse and varied in size, ownership, designation and management. To better understand the contributions of various land protection mechanisms to protecting natural vegetation types, we assessed the contribution of fee-simple lands and easements across the conterminous United States, emphasizing the contribution of conservation easements to the overall protection of habitat within the protected ...
  • Decision Support for Conservation in the Tehachapis and Southern Sierra Nevada
    The Tehachapi Mountains and southern Sierra Nevada are valued as a biodiversity hotspot, a bird and bat migration corridor, and as a landscape critical to the linkage and functioning of four distinct ecoregions−the Mojave Desert, Sierra Nevada, South Coast, and Central Valley. Decision-makers are evaluating proposals for wind energy and other development on a project-by-project basis without a regional ...
  • Vegetation Projections for Wind Cave National Park with Three Future Climate Scenarios
    A 2009 workshop piloted the use of scenario planning for NPS natural resource management planning in the face of climate change. Wind Cave National Park (WICA) served as a case study in this workshop. Available information and expert opinion were used to construct a set of plausible, future scenarios. Future strategies were then derived based on common themes that emerged ...
  • A Methodological Framework for Protected Areas Planning in Support of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement
    The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA) signatories have completed Iteration #1 of their Protected Areas Planning Methodological Framework (the "Protected Areas MF"). The Protected Areas MF is a guiding document for the CBFA regional working groups and supporting planning practitioners. This framework was designed to support consistent protected areas planning across the CBFA study area. The CBFA signatories are committed ...
  • Conservation Blueprint for the Donner Summit Royal Gorge Property
    The almost 3,000-acre Royal Gorge property on Donner Summit in the Sierra Nevada has long been a target of conservationists.  Sitting at the cross-roads of the Sierra Nevada ecoregion−along the east-west Emigrant Trail and the north-south Pacific Crest Trail−and surrounded by protected and intact lands, this iconic property fills a significant piece of the conservation puzzle in ...
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